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Granite Memorials in Knowsley – a Lasting Tribute

Choose granite memorials in Knowsley as a lasting tribute to your lost loved one.

Granite Memorials in Eccleston – Carefully Crafted Memorials

We help loved ones to find solace with our superb quality granite memorials in Eccleston.

Granite Memorials in Childwall; a Lasting Tribute to Your Lost Loved One

If you are looking for a beautiful and durable headstone, granite memorials in Childwall are an excellent choice.

Granite Memorials in Huyton – a Lasting Tribute to Your Lost Loved One

Granite memorials in Huyton are a lasting tribute to your lost loved one.

Befitting Memorials in Liverpool

Are you in search of a monumental mason firm known for providing well crafted memorials in Liverpool?

The Perfect Memorial Stones in Liverpool

Memorial stones of the past were used to mark a person’s final resting place and today, this practice continues. If you ever visit a cemetery, you’ll notice that memorial stones in Liverpool

Specialists in Memorial Stones in Knowsley

When a loved one passes away, the best way to commemorate their life is by using quality memorial stones. In Knowsley since 1929, T. Lyon & Son has been providing memorial work that is top quality and guaranteed to last.

Elegant and Comforting Headstone Inscriptions in Merseyside

Choosing headstone inscriptions in Merseyside can be difficult: what does one say that will reflect a life well-lived and bring comfort to the family visiting the graveside?

Follow the Regulations when Choosing Memorial Stones in Prescot

Choosing a dignified headstone for a loved one is less complicated with memorial stones from Prescot company, T. Lyon & Son who are familiar with all the regulatory issues that prevent people from erecting just any kind of head stone in a cemetery.

A Healthy Look at Gravestones in Liverpool

Is it strange that a company selling gravestones in Liverpool is so eager to keep its employees healthy? T Lyon & Sons is a company on the move!