Elegant and Comforting Headstone Inscriptions in Merseyside

5Choosing headstone inscriptions in Merseyside can be difficult: what does one say that will reflect a life well-lived and bring comfort to the family visiting the graveside? T Lyon & Son have been in the business for so many years – since 1929 in fact — that they are well equipped to answer all your questions. For example, if you are wondering what colours are available, you will be pleased to learn that there is a wide choice on offer, although Black Granite and Tropical Green remain the most popular. Check the Memorials section of the T Lyon & Son website to see the colors available – there is also a video in the About Us section that showcases a few real-life models.

In Merseyside, buying headstone inscriptions is not an everyday task for most, and many rely on guidance from those that have supplied dignified gravestones for decades.
T Lyon & Son have been making headstone inscriptions in Merseyside and surrounds for over 75 years and provide a complete package, from listening to the clients’ needs to providing the final product. When it comes to the difficult job of coming up with appropriate wording, with their many years of experience, they are able to suggest wording so that the headstone reflects and honour that person for generations to come.

The best way to buy a headstone is either to call 0151 426 6125 or to visit directly at one of their locations around Merseyside. If you’re looking for a personal, but professional approach to headstone inscriptions in Merseyside, T Lyons & Son should be strongly considered.



*Photo by Linh H. Nguyen via Compfight cc