Granite Memorials in Eccleston – Carefully Crafted Memorials

Granite Memorials in Eccleston We help loved ones to find solace with our superb quality granite memorials in Eccleston. Grieving families want the best memorial to mark the grave of the departed one. We offer a comprehensive range of beautiful, durable and affordable options. Our focus is to ensure that the memorial you choose retains its beauty and strength for the longest time. Our team can help you to select the stone, colours, shape, size and inscription that best suits your unique requirements. We are a well-established local firm, first established in 1929. Currently, our family runs this company, with the help of highly experienced, skilled stone masons. You can view our array of choices at our showroom in Prescot. We showcase a variety of stones, in different styles, from contemporary to classical.

It is interesting to note, in Eccleston, granite memorials and memorials made of other types of stone were originally intended to mark the grave. With the passage of time, headstones and gravestones became symbols of hope and remembrance. They are a way for families and friends to come to terms with the loss of a loved one. For many people they represent a concrete connection between the past, present and future. They help you to remember the past, be mindful of the present and leave a legacy for the future. The grave side is a place where you can go to to silently communicate with your memories and thoughts of the departed soul. This gesture of love helps you to move on in life.

Choosing granite memorials in Eccleston becomes easier when you have a firm idea in mind. For this you need to consult all those concerned, so that the final decision is easier to make. It’s also important to be aware of the cemetery rules and regulations. Many places have restrictions on size and style. Granite is one of the most popular materials, prized for its endurance. It can be polished or finished in different ways. Contact T Lyon & Son for more information about our granite memorials. Our friendly team can help you with the right advice and inputs. We welcome a conversation to better understand and fulfil your requirements.