Elegant and Memorable Headstone Inscriptions in Prescot

For Headstone Inscriptions in Prescotelegant and memorable headstone inscriptions in Prescot, you’re welcome to pay us a visit. A headstone inscription makes a lasting impression on anyone who sees it. The headstone inscription stands as a memorial statement about the life of a lost loved one. Designing a headstone and its inscription can be challenging when you are mourning your loss. Hiring professional headstone designers can lift this weight off your shoulders. Headstone designs and inscriptions should blend well with each other. Your lettering style, colour and wording should be in line with the character of the deceased. Quality headstones can last several years without deteriorating. Experienced headstone fabricators know the nature of the elements in your region and can advise you on the most suitable material to use.

We are among the most experienced headstone designers in the North West. In Prescot, our headstone inscriptions are available in various colours. Silver and 23.5-carat gold leaf are the most popular colours we provide. We have specialist stonemasons who are skilled in a variety of headstone lettering techniques. We can letter your headstone with traditional hand-cut or modern sandblast lettering techniques. If you wish to add inscriptions to an existing headstone, we can match its exact style and colour. We can also renovate the headstone to make it as good as new. There are several worn-out headstones in the North West that have suffered under the elements. We provide durable headstones that can withstand the test of time. Our renovation services include cleaning, re-gliding the letters and ground anchoring the headstone.

We have been designing headstone inscriptions in Prescot for several decades. We run a family-run business that was handed down from generation to generation since its establishment in 1929. Our company has been held together by traditional family ethics. We cherish our customers and seek their best interest in all our services. If you are interested in our headstone inscription services, don’t hesitate to call T. Lyon & Son today. We also design, build and renovate all types of memorials. Additionally, we provide inscription advice and free, no-obligation quotes to all our customers.