Headstone Lettering in Whiston, Carefully and Thoughtfully Etched

Headstone Lettering in WhistonHeadstone lettering in Whiston identifies the deceased for generations to come. How many generations it remains clear and legible depends on several factors. For instance, the density of the headstone itself matters. The harder the stone, such as granite, the more likely the lettering will sustain its legibility. However, that does not mean marble or slate should not be used. The environment is an important factor so if the air around you is salty sea air or experiences hard cold winters, marble may not be the best choice because marble is porous. We’re not saying to rule it out but weigh everything when making your choice. We have been engraving headstones for many decades. We can advise you concerning all factors regarding headstone and engraving selection.

One service we offer that prolongs the lettering visibility is refurbishment and repair of headstones that are old and showing wear. In Whiston, headstone lettering can fade from 100 years of exposure to the elements, nearby foliage and air pollutants. When letters are engraved in stone, most stonemasons fill the engraving with lead, paint or gold leaf. The slight expanding and contracting of the stone during weather changes can loosen the fill, causing it to fall out. The result is poor visibility. We completely refurbish old headstones, freshen the engraving and add new fill, clean and seal the headstone. The clarity of the lettering is back for future generations to read. The stone, after cleaning, is like new.

Headstone lettering in Whiston carried out by our headstone engravers provides information about the deceased that the family wants preserved for future generations. We take our responsibility very seriously and go to great lengths to help the family make the decisions regarding the message and information as well as the lettering size, font and colour. It’s a lasting memorial to a loved one and it needs to be just right in every way. When this responsibility falls to you, we encourage you to contact T. Lyon & Son. We are going to work with you through the decision making process. Each headstone is unique and we want to make sure the result is just as you envision it with great attention to the details of lettering.