Headstone Lettering in Warrington

Headstone Lettering in WarringtonChoosing the right headstone lettering in Warrington is as important as the headstone. Coping with the loss of a loved one is difficult and choosing an appropriate headstone is a part of the healing process. Once you have chosen a headstone, the wording needs to be carefully considered. This is an opportunity to create a message or wording that reflects the deceased and create a lasting tribute. The lettering on the headstone is equally important. If you need help with the lettering of the headstone, please contact T. Lyon & Son.

The writing on a headstone is the final message for the deceased. In Warrington, headstone lettering should be easy to read. Different styles of headstone lettering must be considered before making a final choice. It should be clear and easy to read, yet appropriate. A recognised style font such as Times Roman Lettering, Script or Block lettering can be chosen for its more formal appearance. The wording itself can be simple and elegant, a verse from the bible or a favourite quote of the deceased. It is meaningful and will continue to remind visitors to the grave of the deceased.

Headstone lettering in Warrington can be selected with the help of our able team. Our aim is provide longevity and quality in all our memorial work, and that includes the lettering of the headstone. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you with headstone lettering, contact T. Lyon & Son. Offering a full design service that can cater for any specific requirement you may have, we tailor solutions that will exceed your expectations. Should you require a particular motif, etching or colour photograph for your memorial, we can assist in producing the perfect inscription for the headstone for your loved one. Established in 1929, our family run business continues our tradition of quality and professional workmanship. Let us give your lost loved one’s headstone personal meaning as a lasting legacy.