Headstone Costs in Allerton

Headstone Costs in AllertonFind out more about headstone costs in Allerton by contacting T. Lyon & Son. A headstone is an integral part of a burial site as it provides a place for reflection, comfort, and it also offers genealogical information for future generations. The design should not only mirror the deceased’s personal tastes, but should represent the way in which they lived their life.

At T. Lyon & Son, we have a wide selection of headstones made of different materials and colours. In Allerton, headstone costs vary according to the size, material, finish and lettering. Depending on the cemetery or burial site you have chosen for your beloved’s final resting place, you can request for a headstone that is allowed. Most cemeteries have a specific set of rules when it comes to headstones and most concern the size, and in some cases, the design. If you are uncertain about the requirements of the cemetery, we can assist. We only use quality materials such as marble, granite and slate. We offer a full service and whether it is a special motif, an etching, adding a colour photograph or an inscription, we can assist. The business was established in 1929 and it has passed on through three generations. We have invested in the latest technology to provide our clients the best products.

Headstone costs in Allerton can be discussed when you contact T. Lyon & Son. You are also welcome to pay us a visit and view our available gravestones. The inscription is the most important part of the headstone, yet it’s arguably the most difficult part to finalise. Finding the right message to represent your loved one is challenging as it should be short, dignified and summarise their life. We can assist you in choosing the most meaningful inscription for the gravestone. We also provide an engraving service to engrave the inscription you have chosen directly onto the stone. Speak to T. Lyon & Son for a suitable headstone for your lost loved one