Headstone Lettering in Widnes

Headstone Lettering in WidnesHeadstone lettering in Widnes is available in the traditional hand cut method or the more modern sandblasted technique. The letters can then be filled with the colour of your choice. Colours include white to black and any colour in between, although the most popular colours are the memorial silver or 23 and a half carat gold leaf. Any further inscriptions are made in the exact same type and style and finished in the same colour lettering. We have many years of experience since the company was started in 1929 and has been a successfully run business since then. Our helpful and caring staff will help you to choose the perfect headstone and lettering style and colour to express your love of your late family member.

When you buy a memorial in Widnes, headstone lettering can be chosen to suit your wants and likes. The staff will help you if you are not certain of how to phrase the inscription. There are a variety of inscriptions available to give you some idea of what you want to say. Every inscription is unique to each person as some people would like to keep the inscription simple and others have the need to articulate a lot more. This is normally a very difficult time for the family of the deceased and our staff are empathetic and very patient. We understand that this is part of the grieving process and can take time to find exactly the right wording for the headstone. Once you have decided on the right stone, inscription and lettering we can make up your original memorial.

Headstone lettering in Widnes is one of the ways to remember a loved one. Contact T. Lyon & Son today to find out more about our headstone lettering services. Speak to us to arrange an appointment to view stones and lettering. Our qualified and experienced staff will erect the headstone to the regulatory building requirements. If you have an old headstone we can renovate it by polishing it back to its original state and bringing the lettering back to its former magnificence