Cremation Stones in Childwall

cremation stones in ChildwallAre you looking for cremation stones in Childwall? T. Lyon & Son has been established in 1929, and it is currently comprised of Lewis Macy and his wife Anita, along with two other expert masons who have 16 and 35 years of experience working with the company. At the company’s showroom in Prescot, you can view the wide range of memorials on display. This offer is designed to appeal to all tastes and needs, and it includes both traditional and modern styles. When it comes to materials, you can take your pick from slate, Yorkshire stone, granite and marble.

In Childwall, cremation stones are made from top quality materials at T. Lyon & Son. The company also offers a bespoke services, so if you do not find a design that fits your tastes inside the showroom, or if you have something specific in mind, T. Lyon & Son can provide you with a tailored memorial. The company offers new memorials, renovation and inscription services. If you have a memorial that has deteriorated over the years, the renovation service from T. Lyon & Son can return it to its best condition.

This is true for cremation stones in Childwall as well. Whether your memorial needs cleaning, letter regliding, repairing, leveling or any other type of safety work, T. Lyon & Son provides the services you need. Before each renovation project, an inspection is carried out, which will help the company establish the amount of work needed and the price for the operation. This is a no-cost no-obligation quotation that ensures that each client understands the full scope and cost of a renovation. The lettering service from T. Lyon & Son is carried out by an expert stonemason, who can provide different fonts and colouring, including memorial-silver and 23 and a half carot gold leaf. To find out more about your options for cremation stones, contact T. Lyon & Son.