Monumental Mason in West Derby

monumental mason in West DerbyIf you are looking for a monumental mason in West Derby, T. Lyon & Son can meet all your requirements. The current owner of this well-established company has twenty-nine years of experience working in the trade. This family business has been providing longevity and quality masonry since 1929. Their reputation among their client base is remarkable. Their team provides only top quality, friendly and professional services. They strive to give you peace of mind with the memorials they create for your lost ones.

In West Derby, monumental mason such as T Lyon & Sons should be contacted if you are looking for a professionally designed and crafted memorial. Their professional masons are qualified and experienced. They will advise you on choosing a memorial and the choices of memorial types and materials available. They have an extensive range of memorials that will meet the style you prefer, regardless of whether you prefer a more modern or traditional style. There are a number of different stone materials to choose from such as marble, granite Yorkshire stone and slate. T Lyon & Sons only source and stock top quality materials. They aim to provide expert advice and work with you in designing and creating a memorial to reflect the memories of the one you love.

A reputable monumental mason in West Derby who will design and craft a memorial using only the finest materials and latest tools is what you are looking for. The masons at T Lyon & Son are ready to give you an excellent service that you will struggle to find elsewhere. The company also offers a memorial inscription service. The inscription of the memorial of your choice can be in the font and style of your choice. Other than creating memorials, T Lyon & Son also provide a renovation service. This includes cleaning, repairing or re-gliding the lettering, ensuring the memorial of your loved one remains in perfect condition. If you are looking for a monumental mason, contact T Lyon & Son.