Headstones in Liverpool

Headstones in LiverpoolTop quality headstones in Liverpool are available from T Lyon & Son. A headstone should be appropriately chosen as a meaningful memorial to the deceased. If the deceased has left no particular requests for the type of headstone, the decision on selecting a headstone can be difficult. There are a large number of different types of headstones and materials that the headstone is made from. The choice of lettering on the headstone should also be carefully selected.

In Liverpool, headstones are expertly made by T Lyon & Son. A family run business since 1929, they aim to provide memorials of high quality and longevity.  When you need to select a headstone, consider paying them a visit at their showroom in Prescot. There you will be able to see their extensive range of memorials, all designed to meet any requirement in style or taste, be it traditional or more modern. You can ask their expert advice about the headstone you would like.

Headstones in Liverpool, designed and created by T Lyon & Son are made from a variety of materials. Choose from stone materials such as various coloured granite, Yorkshire stone, slate and marble. The masons at T Lyon & Son can explain the differences and advantages of each material. They also provide an inscription service for the lettering of your chosen headstone. A specialist stonemason will explain the different styles and size of font that is available. The many different styles of lettering, including the traditional hand cut or the more modern sand blast letter, can be finished in various colours to match the colour of your chosen memorial. Silver or 23 and a half carat gold leaf lettering are the more popular choices. If you are looking for, and need assistance with choosing headstones, contact T Lyon & Son.