Headstone Lettering in Runcorn

headstone lettering in RuncornDo you need information on headstone lettering in Runcorn? Designing a headstone for a deceased loved one requires careful thought and planning. When designing a headstone, there are some crucial points to keep in mind. The overall style of lettering will affect the inscription’s legibility and set the character or tone of headstone. Roman style lettering is the most popular lettering used on headstones for its classic and dignified appearance. Other fonts, which may be more appropriate to the type of inscription you require, should also be available. To learn more about appropriate lettering styles for headstones, speak to a reputable stonemason.

In Runcorn, headstone lettering is professionally done by T. Lyon & Son. They offer a comprehensive service to their clients. Their specialist stonemason can offer a number of different styles for lettering, including the traditional handcut to the more modern sandblast letter. While silver or 23 and a half carot gold leaf are the most popular choice, a number of different colours are available to match the colour of your chosen memorial. By choosing the most appropriate style of lettering for the headstone, a headstone design can be enhanced, giving it personal meaning for the bereaved.

Consider the type of headstone lettering in Runcorn that is most suitable. It is advisable to choose a design and letterform that you like, and to carefully consider the wording for the headstone. T. Lyon & Son have a team of qualified stonemasons with many years of experience and a commitment to providing a professional service to their clients. They will guide you in the choice of lettering for the headstone, and advise you, if you require, on the wording of the inscription. If you require an inscription with special lettering to be inscribed on the headstone in a unique memorial design, they will ensure this is carried out. For information about headstone lettering, contact T. Lyon & Son.