Gravestone Makers in Liverpool

Gravestone Makers in LiverpoolAre you looking for gravestone makers in Liverpool? There are three basic elements that go into any gravestone – the material of the stone, the inscription that goes on it and the design elements on it, including the finish and the paint. Technology behind gravestone making has also undergone a transformation and there are many new ways that involve a combination of old and new methods. This allows images to be included on the gravestone, along with the more conventional epitaph. Some may require a photograph or a religious image to be added to the gravestone. The inscription can be added to the gravestone using both the more traditional or modern methods.

In Liverpool, gravestone makers can play a major role when it comes to choosing the right gravestone. They are able to offer sound advice on the type of gravestone, the material it is made from as well as any inscriptions that may be required. Gravestones are generally made from a variety of material such as marble, stone and granite. Granite is the popular choice as it is available in more than one colour. They will also advise you on the type and style of lettering to be used in the inscription.

A gravestone maker in Liverpool is a professional stone mason who has the necessary skills in creating the most suitable gravestone for the deceased. They will inform you of all the necessary information you require in order for you to choose the most appropriate gravestone, both for the deceased, and for your available budget. T. Lyon & Son are well reputed gravestone makers, offering expert advice and at the most affordable prices. Being empathetic towards you during this time of grief, they will gently guide you in making the right decisions about the right gravestone needed. If you are needing to find out more about gravestone suppliers, contact T. Lyon & Son for caring and professional advice.