Reputable Gravestone Supplier in Eccleston

Gravestone suppplier in EcclestonIf you are wondering what sort of gravestone to purchase and need a gravestone supplier in Eccleston, T. Lyon & Son has a showroom in Prescot where you are certain to find the memorial stone that will honour the memory of the deceased. Having a beautiful permanent symbol of remembrance from your very own choice of stone is guaranteed to stand the test of time. Granite is a durable material but maybe you prefer something else like marble, slate or stone. T Lyon & Son have two qualified masons who handle carved inscriptions according to customer’s requirements. Choose from different kinds of lettering for poems, prayers or dates. Although gold and silver are popular colour choices for hand-cut or sandblasted letters, you can choose the colour you want.

In Eccleston, for a gravestone supplier ring T.Lyon & Son — they will give you sound advice. There are different types of gravestones available and this skilled team can advise on a suitable one for you. Gravestones are available in materials such as marble and granite. Their upright gravestones are a popular choice but you can choose a slanted gravestone or a flat tablet. These are attractive and simple. Death and burials are somber but that needn’t restrict you in your gravestone choice with T. Lyon & Son. They can also advise you on different designs for the gravestone and the styles of lettering for the epitaph.

A gravestone supplier in Eccleston does more than provide unique gravestones. Gravestones take a beating from the weather over time and they can become discoloured and in need of attention. T Lyon & Son offer a restoration and repair or replacement service as well. They will first assess the damage, or the work that needs to be done and will then work to restore the gravestone to its original condition. If you would like to know more about the services of a gravestone supplier, contact T.Lyon & Son for assistance.