Headstone Inscription Service in Merseyside

Headstone Inscription Service in MerseysideWe are often asked questions about our headstone inscription service in Merseyside. Our clients want to know what wording they can have on a headstone, or what images, as well as wanting to know more about the lettering options that are available. These are understandable questions, and as leading experts in headstones and memorials in Merseyside and beyond, we always have the answers available. T.Lyon & Son were established in 1929, so that truly is experience that you can rely on, and expertise that ensure your needs will be met perfectly.

Our Merseyside headstone inscription service always puts the customer first. A headstone should provide a lasting and personal memorial to somebody who was truly special in their own way, and we’ll do all that we can to achieve that. We understand that it can be a difficult and emotional time for the people choosing the inscription, that’s why we never rush them, and provide a helpful and empathic service. Sometimes the client already knows the words that they want to use on the headstone. That’s great, but sometimes people need a little extra help. We can suggest phrases from scripture, or moving words that convey what the deceased meant to their family and friends. We’ll spend time talking to the client, so that we can get a true feeling for what the person was like. In this way, we can create a headstone and inscription that is a fitting tribute.

You’ll receive a truly bespoke headstone inscription service in Merseyside, and this doesn’t only relate to the personalised wording, but to the letters themselves. You can have hand cut lettering that gives a traditional look, or opt for sandblast lettering, that gives a modern yet stylish appearance. Whichever style you decide upon, it can be used in colours of your choice, to match with the memorial itself. To make the lettering stand out in the best possible way, you can have lettering in gold leaf or memorial-silver. Our stone masons are all highly experienced, and provide beautiful results every time. Please call us today, to find out what we can do for you, and for the memory of your loved one.