A Gravestone in Liverpool – For Creating Memories That Don’t Fade

grave2Guiding the families into selecting the perfect gravestone in Liverpool is what we do best. We received an enquiry last week from a Liverpool family. They were to bury their great aunt and wanted a perfect gravestone that would aptly depict a great life lived. Having more than 85 years of experience in this business we could lending a sympathetic ear. The family has finalised the gravestone with our advice and is ready to say goodbye to their dear one.

It is said, death is the only constant in life. But losing a loved one does not ever feel fair. Often, we forget to tell them, what they meant for us, which is why a thoughtful gravestone can provide the closure we’ve been searching for. Only a family can understand the importance and need for a perfect gravestone for your loved one, or as in this case, a family run business. T Lyons and Sons is a business passed down for three generations, with values that make us the best in Liverpool for gravestones. We sit with you and your family to build the gravestone that echoes your sentiments for the departed. If you are unsure about the selection of the memorial stone, our experience and expertise will help you make an informed and satisfactory decision.

We, at T Lyons and Sons take great pride in the high quality and longevity of the gravestones we design, so the next generations can pay respect and know about the deceased, decades later. Operating out of Prescot, Merseyside area, we extend our services to the entire North West and Knowsley, St. Helens, Liverpool localities. Call us when you want to create that perfect gravestone in Liverpool for the person who deserved the best, in life and death.