If you find that your memorial over the course of time has fallen into disrepair, we offer an expert renovation service. From cleaning, repairing or re-gliding the lettering, levelling memorials or any safety work required, such as ‘ground anchorage’, we offer a comprehensive service. As experts in our field-we have been established for over 80 years-our aim is always to provide a high standard of service that surpasses the expectations of our clients at every opportunity.

Renovation Service

With renovations we are no different: We inspect the memorial firsthand before any work commences and then plan accordingly how the work will be carried out; detailing what is needed in order to restore the memorial to its original condition. Each enquiry is dealt individually and priced accordingly, giving the client a clear understanding of what work will be carried out and the cost implications. All our estimates are free of charge and our clients are under no obligation to accept them.

If you require any more information about any of the services we offer then please call us on 0151 426 6125.