Headstone Lettering in Huyton = Expertly Applied

Headstone Lettering in Huyton Headstone lettering in Huyton chosen for the memorial stone needs careful consideration. The message on the stone identifies the deceased and provides clarity on the marker. As such, the type of lettering, as well as the wording is important. After all family members agree on the wording for the headstone, the style, font and size will need to be decided on. If you are uncertain about the most suitable lettering for the headstone, we are available to assist. As professional stonemasons, we can assist with advice and suggestions for the type of headstone and the lettering. As such, we offer a comprehensive service that offers a choice for the inscription on the headstone. The inscription is done by our specialist stonemason.

For the gravestone of your loved one in Huyton, lettering is available in different styles. Hence, we can suggest different styles that are most suitable for the type of stone the headstone is made from. Thus, the lettering can be either the traditional hand cut lettering, or the more modern sandblasted letter. We can also suggest different colours for the lettering. These include silver, or 23 and a half carot gold leaf. There are also different fonts for the lettering that you could choose. The most used are serif fonts as they are straightforward to etch onto the headstone. If there is still hesitancy regarding the wording for the headstone, we can assist. We can show you and your family members different examples to consider.

We can assist with neat lettering in Huyton for your loved one’s headstone. Choosing the lettering for the gravestone needs input from all the family members. The type of lettering is an important decision. As it is a message etched onto the gravestone for all to view, it is essential that it is clear, easy to read and matches the gravestone. For more details on how our stonemasons can assist with the best lettering, contact T. Lyon & Son. You are welcome to visit our showroom and view our headstones, along with the different types of lettering available. We can assist with creating a lasting tribute to your lost loved one.