Granite Memorials in Childwall; a Lasting Tribute to Your Lost Loved One

Granite Memorials in ChildwallIf you are looking for a beautiful and durable headstone, granite memorials in Childwall are an excellent choice. A very hard stone, granite does not wear as easily as other stones. It contains quartz and this gives it the shine that it is known for.  It is formed through the cooling and solidification of lava, which usually happens beneath the surface. The colour of the granite depends on the other minerals that infuse it. Granite has been used for thousands of years as a building material and is evident in the many monuments still standing today. Until the early 18th century in the Western world, granite could only be carved by hand tools with generally mediocre results. However, we have the technology, equipment and experience to produce perfectly carved and polished granite headstones.

We aim to provide longevity and quality in all the memorials we offer. In Childwall, granite memorials remain the most popular choice because they are strong and remain attractive looking. They do not discolour or wear. In the past, marble was the most popular stone for memorials. However, as a result of the amount of air pollution present today, they are not a hard-wearing choice.  Marble can also become faded. As such, the wonderful translucence of the stone can diminish over time. We also offer a full design service to meet your exact requirements. While granite remains a highly popular choice for a memorial, we also offer other stone such as marble, Yorkshire stone and slate.

We manufacture all sizes and colours of granite memorials in Childwall. Ours is an independent family run business. First established in 1929, we continue to craft dignified memorials. If you need assistance with choosing granite memorials, contact T. Lyon & Son.  Continuing with the tradition of excellence, our granite memorials are an excellent choice for your lost loved one’s burial site. In addition to our carefully crafted memorials, we also offer a renovation service to ensure the longevity of your headstone. Memorials are constantly exposed to the elements. This can cause damage. We can also assist with inscriptions to your headstone.