Beautifully Crafted Headstone Lettering in Whiston

Headstone Lettering in WhistonBeautifully crafted  headstone lettering in Whiston is the best tribute that you can give a loved one who has passed on. At T Lyon & Son, you are sure to find the perfect option to match you own unique requirements. All our memorial work is designed for longevity and quality. We also offer competitive pricing and personalised services, no matter how big or small the project. Our family business was established more than 90 years ago, in 1929. We have partnered with generations of local residents in the Prescot, Merseyside, Knowlsey,  Liverpool, St Helens areas and beyond across the North West.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, from new memorials to renovations and repairs of older ones, to top quality lettering on headstones and gravestones. In Whiston, headstone lettering should be carefully chosen. It has to remain legible and eye-catching across decades or even centuries. The purpose is to inform future generations about the person who is being memorialised. The font is often an overlooked aspect but it has a huge impact on the whole design. It also adds personality and character to the memorial so that it can be read and understood by future generations. We recommend that you use a simple, yet pure and fitting tribute for the inscription. It must reflect the respect and love that the family had for the departed one and it should give some idea of her/his life and achievements.

Before you choose the right headstone lettering in Whiston, check with the churchyard or cemetery whether they have certain restrictions, inscription format or etiquette. Some of them may not appreciate the use of nicknames or humorous quips. The size of the headstone will also dictate the length of the inscription and the font. Contact T Lyon & Son to help you with these aspects. If your loved one was a modest and unassuming person, they should be memorialised in a few well-chosen words. You can also highlight an aspect of their personality such as that they were wonderful parents, animal lovers, spiritual or religious people. You can also use uplifting quotes or passages from religious texts.