Memorial Stones in Rainhill, a Lasting Tribute to Your Lost Loved One

Memorial Stones in RainhillThe memorial stones in Rainhill you choose need careful thought. A memorial stone has significant meaning for families. They also speak to the many generations that follow. The first thing a stone says is that the family respected the deceased by marking his resting place. The stone will tell future generations when this relative lived. It may include the names of his immediate family.  Symbols will give an indication of faith or beliefs that shaped the life of this family member. Words may express a special attribute others admired. A memorial stone is a unique and lasting way in which to remember a loved one. There are a number of different types of memorial stones that you could choose from.

Choosing a gravestone for a lost loved one requires careful thought. In Rainhill, memorial stones can be crafted from granite, marble, limestone and slate. Granite is a popular choice because of its longevity and its many colours and finishes. Marble is another popular choice, as is limestone. Unfortunately, while easy to sources, limestone is not as durable as granite and marble. Memorial stones can be etched to contain an epitaph or message. Some clients add a photograph. The deceased may have left instructions regarding his memorial stone along with the inscription. If he did not do so, one needs to give the inscription careful thought before deciding what is most appropriate for the deceased. We can assist you with the right memorial stone for your lost loved one.

Memorial stones in Rainhill are carefully carved and engraved to your specific requirements.  We aim to provide a memorial that is a fitting tribute to your lost loved one. All our memorials are crafted from the finest materials, sourced from professional suppliers.  For more details on how we can assist, please contact T. Lyon and Son. You are also welcome to pay us a visit at our showroom where you can view our range of memorials. Speak to us about what you would like to see on the memorial stone. We can assist with the design. We’ll also assist with the script, font and any additional decorative engravings.