Experienced and Dedicated Monumental Mason in Huyton

Monumental Mason in HuytonA monumental mason in Huyton is someone who works in stone to create a lasting memorial for a lost loved one. A commemoration and remembrance for the deceased is most often signified by a beautiful and meaningful headstone. A monumental mason has the experience and skill to create and carve a beautiful memorial for a lost loved one. Our stonemasons work with a wide range of stone that include marble, granite, Yorkshire stone and slate. We source only the best quality materials with which to work. The stone you choose can be cut to your design preference and it is then polished.  Thereafter, words can then be etched into the flat and finished face of the stone.

Once the funeral for the deceased has taken place, the family may commission a headstone for the grave.  In Huyton, our monumental mason can assist you in choosing the right gravestone for the deceased’s grave. If you have a particular style in mind, we can assist. You are also welcome to view our selection of gravestones to assist you in making the right choice for your requirements. Different cemeteries have different requirements for the size and type of gravestone that can be placed. We know the specifications for all the burial sites in the area and can assist you with the information you need.

A monumental mason in Huyton is a professional and highly skilled career. Snice 1929, our family run business has provided our professional services. We are now in the fourth generation of the founding family. When you need the services of a monumental mason, contact T. Lyon & Son. We offer our services throughout the North West. Once the gravestone has been chosen, you may want to include an epitaph. We can assist you in choosing the right wording. Our experienced stonemason can also assist you in choosing the right font and colour for the wording. We also provide a repair and restoration service. Let our monumental mason assist you with a lasting tribute to your lost loved one.