Marble Memorial in Whiston, a Beautiful Tribute to Your Lost Loved One

Marble Memorial in WhistonA marble memorial in Whiston from T. Lyon & Son is a beautiful tribute to your loved one. Marble is such a beautiful stone with it’s many different colours and hues that each looks unique from others. The use of marble for memorials, monuments and headstones dates back hundreds of years throughout a large part of the world. Marble is plentiful and beautiful. It’s also soft enough for creative shaping and engraving by skilled experienced stonemasons. We have two such qualified stonemasons on site. Ours is a family run business, founded in 1929. We offer expert advice to our clients and empathy as we design a memorial according to our clients’ wishes.

Engraving is an important part of the memorial and we’re here to lend advice on script and style. In Whiston, marble memorial inscriptions can still be hand engraved if our clients choose. We can also use modern technology for marble inscriptions. There are colour options and the frequently requested gold leaf.  We know that for many of our clients, this is their first time being tasked with this responsibility. It’s natural to want to express all the emotions they are feeling. Often, memorial stone medallions can help convey important attributes and interests. Each memorial is unique and the family wants to convey so much. We have decades of experience in guiding families through their selections.

A marble memorial in Whiston is a beautiful choice with many opportunities to make it unique and special. We invite you to visit our showroom and view our marble stone. You’ll see one that particularly appeals to you. You will also have an opportunity to view the many styles of script and engraving as well a sampling of sentiments and medallions. You will see many sizes and shapes to help inspire you. We are familiar with the standards set forth by each cemetery. Therefore we’ll be able to direct you accordingly depending on the specific cemetery you’ve chosen for internment. Contact T. Lyon & Son for a consultation when the time comes that you have to choose a memorial. Think of us too if you need memorial stone refurbishment on older memorial stones.