Authentic Gravestone Prices in Seaforth to Meet your Specific Requirements

Gravestone Prices in Seaforth Get the most authentic gravestone prices in Seaforth from T Lyon & Son. We understand how distressing it is to go through these aspects when you are going through the grief of losing a loved one. That is why we make it as uncomplicated as possible. As a family-run business, operating since 1929, we have close ties in the communities we serve. With more than three decades’ experience, we are proud of our reputation for providing consistent quality, reliable services and a 100% focus on client requirements and satisfaction. Clients can view our wide range of memorials at our Prescot facility. These products cater to a variety of needs, preferences and budgets, and encompass both traditional and modern themes.

For clients in Seaforth, gravestone prices can vary according to size, shape, materials used, type of work required. We use only the best quality of materials and state of the art technology to create unique pieces that can stand the test of time. Many clients request custom design pieces that incorporate unique motifs, etching, colour photographs, special inscriptions, style and font. Our expert team of 16 can fulfil almost every requirement that you would have. We understand that every memorial should accurately reflect the life and achievements of the departed one so that generations in future can remember and pay respect to them. In some cases, memorials that were installed decades or centuries ago by other craftsmen may have fallen into disrepair. This can be very distressing for the loved ones. We can also help to repair and renovate these memories.

Gravestone prices in Seaforth can be discussed when you pay us a visit. While considering gravestone prices, we understand that this is one of the most important decisions that a family can make. Often the departed one may have left specific instructions and we can follow these to create a fitting tribute. We provide cleaning, re-gilding, repair and levelling services to restore these memorials to their former glory. If you have such a requirement for renovation or restoration, you can contact us for a completely free estimate. We can give you accurate prices for each of the services required, with absolutely no obligations.