Professional Monumental Mason in Huyton

Monumental Mason in HuytonA monumental mason in Huyton can assist you with choosing a top quality gravestone for your lost loved one. Choosing a headstone can be challenging. There are a number of different materials, styles and sizes to choose from. You will also need to consider the wording for the inscription. If you are concerned about the most appropriate headstone for your lost loved one’s gravesite, speak to a professional monumental mason. Speak to T. Lyon & Son.

We have many years of experience in crafting beautiful memorials. In Huyton, a monumental mason is available to assist you when you need to choose a headstone. A family run business since 1929, we have assisted many families in choosing a meaningful tribute to their lost loved ones. We have, in our showroom in Prescot, an extensive range of beautifully crafted memorials for you to choose from. Our memorials cater to all tastes and styles, regardless of whether it is modern or traditional. There are a number of stone material such as marble, granite (of various colours) Yorkshire stone and slate. The materials that we source and supply for our headstone are top quality materials. Our team offers a full design service that can cater for any specific requirement you and your family may have. We firmly believe in offering a bespoke service that will both meet and exceed your expectations.

A memorial mason in Huyton has decades of experience. Speak to us about what you have in mind for your loved one’s headstone. We will listen to your requirements, offer our expert advice, and together, we can design a memorial to reflect the memories of your lost loved one. When you are looking for a monumental mason, contact T. Lyon & Son. We can also assist with renovations. If you are needing to restore or renovate a loved one’s headstone, speak to us. We will inspect the memorial, and plan the best way forward by detailing what is needed in order to restore the memorial to its original condition. All our estimates are free of charge and our clients are under no obligation to accept them.