Pet Headstones in Widnes, a Dignified Tribute to Your Beloved Pet

Pet Headstones in WidnesWe are trusted stonemasons for headstones, including pet headstones in Widnes. It is perfectly proper and healing to mark the burial spot of your deceased pet. Here, we create and inscribe headstones for the family of a deceased loved one. Often that loved one is a treasured pet. Our pets fill our lives with joy, laughter and pure devotion. When they’re gone, we miss them as we would any family member or old friend. Your pet may be the only one in your life who is always there through the highs and lows offering comfort without judgement. They deserve to be remembered for all they have contributed to your life. We are honoured to carry out this important task for you.

There are many pet cemeteries and if your pet is to be buried in one, we will work to the required standards of the particular cemetery. In Widnes, pet headstones can be placed on your private property as well. It’s perfectly acceptable to bury your pet in your own garden. We can create a memorial of your choosing and permanently set the stone. We have a variety of stones, colours and shapes from which to choose. The inscription comes from your heart. Emblems are popular and photos of your pet even more popular. Dogs are identified by their breed and their breed says a lot about their particular traits. We think that’s why colour photographs are so popular with dog owners.

Pet headstones in Widnes are one of our many services. Our memorial business has been family owned, handed down from father to son since 1929. We design and create new headstones, restore and reset old headstone, design and create headstones for pets and manage the paperwork related to each cemetery. A headstone is a declaration that the life of the deceased mattered to others. So when we extend that honour to our beloved pets, we’re doing the right thing. They serve as support animals, companions and protectors. They serve in our military and with our police. Those who are ill are cheered by touching our pets. Contact T. Lyon & Son for the design of your pet’s headstone. Your pet deserves to be remembered.