Professional Headstone Lettering in Skelmersdale

Headstone Lettering in SkelmersdaleHeadstone lettering in Skelmersdale is important to the family of the deceased. Their words define the parameters of a life lived and may convey some of the beliefs, works and genealogy of the individual. Historically, gravestone inscriptions serve as a resource for social and local history. They can even define a time period by the style of the lettering. At T. Lyon and Son, we have been leaving our mark on history only since 1929. However, we’re highly skilled and because of our many years’ experience, we are able to bring new techniques to our skill but also continue to make the old available. We don’t take the task you bring to us lightly. We understand the importance of your memorial for the current generation and also for future generations.

When you hire us to cast your sentiments in stone as a memorial to a loved one, we work closely with you. In Skelmersdale, headstone lettering is carried out by a specialist stonemason.  We want to make sure the finished work is as you imagined or better. You have many choices of lettering font and colour. We want to make sure each compliments the stone and it’s colour. Although, we can still do hand engraving with no colour or in gold leaf or silver. The composition of the lettering must balance with the available space. While we strive for beauty of stone, colour and composition, the result must be easily read and legible to create a lasting legacy. Our customers have choices of lettering including hand cut or sandblast.

Among our services at T. Lyon and Son, is headstone lettering in Skelmersdale for refurbishing worn headstones. Families and sometimes municipalities will request that very old headstones be cleaned, re engraved and reset. Decades of exposure to elements and vegetation can make the lettering difficult to read.  We carry out this task on site when possible and at our shop when necessary. Engraving and lettering is not changed. We use the same font and lettering size and colour as the original. The refurbishment will insure legibility for future generations. Contact T. Lyon and Son for headstone lettering for refurbishment or a new headstone. We will make sure your memorial and sentiments are carried out according to your wishes.