Headstone Inscriptions in Newton le Willows

Headstone Inscriptions in Newton le WillowsWe hand carve or sandblast headstone inscriptions in Newton le Willows. There are many styles of lettering and all are finished in various colours to match your choice of stone.  We have silver or gold leaf which are the most popular but you may choose black or white or any colour that has special meaning to you. If you choose a very light stone like marble then a gold leaf or black letter colour will allow your message to stand out. On a dark stone, the reverse is true and silver leaf or white will bring out your farewell message. If the stone is to be used for more than one person we take great care to match the lettering and wording of the original inscription staying true to the original design.

When you are ready to have a memorial stone made for your dearly beloved family member we are one of the best stone masons in the area. In Newton le Willows, headstone inscriptions and the lettering font is up to you.  Our empathic and caring staff can help you to put your feelings into words. Your personal wording is a lasting legacy that will remain for many years to come.  If you have a headstone of an ancestor that is faded and weathered we can remove it and restore the stone and the inscription.

Unique and individual headstone inscriptions in Newton le Willows can be expertly done by our professional stone masons. Contact T. Lyon & Son today and we can help you choose a headstone and the appropriate message you wish to have written on it.  We have been a family run business since 1929 and over the last 80 years, we have accumulated skills which surpass most other memorial masons. We are also knowledgeable about the rules and regulations of the churchyards and cemeteries in our area. They often have different rules as to the size and shape of the headstone and we can guide you through this difficult maze of regulations. Our team of skilled builders know all the rules about erecting a headstone and make sure they are all followed.