Headstone Supplier in Whiston

Headstone Supplier in WhistonA professional headstone supplier in Whiston understands that a headstone is more than the design and the materials, it’s a sentimental piece. The burial grounds of a loved one offers solace to the bereaved and immortalises the memories left by the deceased. Headstones are as old as time. They were initially put in place to mark burial grounds in order to avoid excavation of graves. However, developments in monumental masonry turned headstones into canvasses to embody the life of the person who lies in the grave on which the tombstone stands. Currently, headstones are a popular installation in council cemeteries and church graveyards. There are numerous designs and selection is only limited to individual preference.

If you wish to bury a deceased in Whiston, the headstone supplier of choice is T.Lyon & Son. We are a leading name in memorial work with our reputation stretching back to 1929. As a family run business, we are committed to delivering excellent services. Headstones preserve the memory of a loved, therefore, its important that the stone is equally cared for. We repair and reconstruct headstones that are defaced. Our team has unparalleled skills in monumental masonry and we ensure all our jobs not only meet the clients’ requirements but also surpass their expectations. A love for the job, a skilled hand and an eye for detail ensure we build top quality headstones. No matter the design, we have the skills and equipment to deliver on your requirements. Whether you want a modern design or a simple traditional headstone, we have you covered.

T.Lyon & Son is a leading headstone supplier in Whiston. We offer a variety of services at competitive rates. Considering death is often met with a lot of sorrow and confusion, we are empathetic to all our clients. We patiently take requests and deliver efficiently to allow the bereaved to mourn in peace. We use the best materials for all our headstones. You can choose anything from granite to marble but the final design is certain to last. Contact us today and get top quality headstones. Cast the memories of your loved one on a carefully selected stone.