Headstone Inscriptions in St Helens

Headstone Inscriptions in St HelensWe hear people of all ages speculate on their headstone inscriptions in St Helens from time to time, usually with amusement. Then one day you find yourself responsible for a lasting tribute to a loved one engraved in stone. How do you sum up the life of a multifaceted person in 25 words or less? We at T. Lyon and Son face this task with clients, many of whom are grieving. We can empathise with each because we’ve been through it in our own family and our many clients since 1929 when we established our monument business. You can’t sum up a whole life on a headstone. You can use key words and phrases to define character that triggers a bigger picture in the mind of the reader.

For instance, “Friend to the Homeless” and “Loving Husband and Father to..” In St Helens, headstone inscriptions such as “Our Fearless Adrenaline Junkie” with a skydiver emblem or “tireless gardener “ tell all who read what the person loved in life and what they loved or was proud of gives insight into character. We are here with help and suggestions as you compose a fitting inscription. You expect the headstone to last but you want the inscription to stay legible as well. When we engrave the inscription it’s done to last in your choice of size and font. Our specialist stonemason will use a hand cut or sandblast letter. Then to finish choose a colour for the inscription that will complement the colour of the stone. Silver or gold leaf are popular.  

Very old headstone inscriptions in St Helens can become difficult to read after 50 years of exposure to the elements and staining from vegetation and mould. Among our services is restoration of those family headstones you want to preserve. We clean the stone and freshen the engraving. We can even add engraving to match the existing so it all looks as if it was done at the same time. Contact T. Lyon and Son when you need a new headstone and inscription for a loved one or an old one refurbished like new. You can trust future generations to care for the headstone that marks a burial site or you could pass down the directive in writing.