Cremation Stones in Whiston

 Cremation Stones in WhistonSelecting the right cremation stones in Whiston goes smoothly when you contact the specialists. T Lyon & Son have nearly ninety years’ experience in providing multiple generations with exactly the kind of memorial they wish for their loved ones. We understand the feelings and sentiments that accompany the process of choosing the perfect memorial. It’s not easy to compress the emotions of loved ones, the personality, works and preferences of the deceased person, their values and philosophy of life in a single memorial piece. However, there are many ways of doing it, both symbolically and literally. If your loved one was cremated, you can use a cremation marker to mark the place in a cemetery or churchyard. These can be made of various types of durable stone or rock with an appropriate inscription crafted on it.

Memorials are meant to last over several hundred years, to inform succeeding generations about their ancestors. In Whiston, cremation stones should not just be good looking, they should also be chosen for their inherent strength and endurance. These are permanent structures that help to create the links of history for future generations. Granite is the most popular material for such products all over the world. This is because of its toughness, weather-resistance and long lasting qualities. It is also available in a wide variety of patterns and colours. You can choose a colour in keeping with your loved one’s tastes and preferences and also your own budget. Some people may want a bronze plaque embedded in the granite stone. The memorial inscription can be carved, etched or embossed on this plaque.

It’s also important to note that every burial authority or cemetery has its own rules and regulations, as there may be limitations on size, dimensions, shape, and type of inscription for cremations stones in Whiston. Being a local business of long-standing repute, we are familiar with these written and unwritten conventions and traditions. When you are looking for cremation stones, contact T Lyon & Son. We can help you stay in compliance with these and also the local council regulations. As a family run and family owned business, we have strong ties in the local communities.