Headstone Inscriptions in Knowsley

Headstone Inscriptions in KnowsleyGive your loved one a fitting tribute with the right headstone inscriptions in Knowsley, professionally completed by T Lyon & Son. We are a family run business, with many years of experience of providing top-quality services to our clients. Our firm was first established in 1929 and since then we have provided premium services to generations of customers. We offer a diverse range of new memorials and also assist with renovation, repairs and refurbishment of older ones. Clients can view our range of memorials at our showroom in Prescot. Here, you will find a comprehensive selection of memorials to suit your needs, preferences and budget. If you’d like a traditional, classical or elegant style, or you prefer something minimalistic, simple, contemporary or unique, we can assist you to get exactly what you have in mind. Our talented team of skilled designers, craftsmen and installers can work with you from the start of the project right to the end.

For headstones in Knowsley, headstone inscriptions have to be crafted after serious thought and contemplation. Inscriptions last forever and they reflect the love, respect and honour that you had for the deceased person. They may also seek to give a glimpse of his or her life and achievements. The style of lettering, font, size and colour are elements that can be varied according to your requirements. We endeavour to match the style of lettering to the style and look of the headstone so that there is harmony between the two.

Choosing the right headstone inscriptions in Knowsley can give the family and friends of the deceased a great deal of peace and comfort. It’s important to consult all the concerned family-members and friends whose opinions matter to you. The epitaph should be meaningful, memorable and simple enough to stand the test of time. For assistance with headstone inscriptions, contact T Lyon & Son. We are proud to be members of the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons and other prestigious bodies. These accreditations hold us to certain high standards of workmanship and services. Most of our business comes to us via recommendations from our customers who have been satisfied with the products and services provided.