Headstone Costs in Whiston

Headstone Costs in WhistonHeadstone costs in Whiston depend on many factors such as material, finish, size, lettering and others. You will also have to take into account delivery charges, which are considerable in and of themselves. With that being said, the average costs include 400 GBP for slant markers and flat headstones, 800-1200 GBP for upright headstones, and around 2000 GBP for kerbed headstones. Engravings will be free up to a certain amount of characters, after which a cost per letter pricing system comes into effect. Bespoke services also tend to cost more and run up the price.

However, there are options. In Whiston, headstone costs can be spread across a period of time. Since headstones can only be installed after six months have passed from the burial, and stonemasons will generally need 10-14 weeks to manufacture the headstone, you will have the time to acquire the funds necessary for the stone. On top of that, the funds can be retrieved from the estate of the deceased, and stonemasons only take 60% upfront payment. The last fee to take into consideration is the burial ground fee. Some parishes will waiver the fee completely, if the deceased was a member, while others will charge anywhere from 100 to 1000 GBP. This will cover everything from staff attendance to legal administration, excavation and matting.

With the headstone costs in Whiston out of the way, it’s time for the installation. As mentioned previously, the headstone can only be installed after at least 6 months have passed since the burial. This timeframe can go up to a year however, if the burial spot is on uneven ground or on a hillside. To find out more about the costs involved with manufacturing and engraving a headstone, contact T. Lyon & Son today. Since 1929, our business has striven for longevity and quality at affordable prices. With almost a century of experience, our services are second to none. We understand the important role a headstone has in creating a dignified memory of the deceased. Speak to us today to find out more about our services and costs.