Marble Memorial in Runcorn

Marble Memorial in RuncornIf you are looking for a stone to mark the burial place of a loved one then a marble memorial in Runcorn could be ideal for your needs. Marble is a beautiful white stone that gleams with light and can be carved into any shape required. You want to show the love and respect your family member was held in and a gleaming white stone will certainly look impressive. Before 1920 marble was used almost exclusively on headstones and memorials because it was timeless and easier to cut and polish with the tools then available. If you are a traditionalist then marble is the perfect stone for you. It is slightly softer than granite and once polished gives a softer and more delicate effect to the memorial. Marble is almost always used in memorials for children.

After the funeral there is still the matter of a burial marker to consider. In Runcorn, marble memorial stones are easily the most elegant of stones for memorials. The inscription can be cut into the stone relatively easily and then filled with the colour you have chosen. This allows the words to stand out against the light coloured stone. The marble stone is easily renovated and many stones over a hundred years old are returned to our workshop for cleaning. We will usually re-polish the stone to remove the dirt and re-carve the letters where necessary and once it has been returned to site it looks as beautiful as the day it was originally made.

Our business has been operating since 1929 and creates marble memorials in Runcorn. Contact T. Lyon & Son today or visit our showroom to see our range of beautiful memorials and headstones. We work in many other materials besides marble but all our stones are designed and created to your unique requirements. With our decades of experience we can provide expert advice and listen with an empathic ear to what you envisage for your loved one’s memorial stone. The memorial stone is after all your tribute to someone that was dearly loved.