Cremation Stones in Formby

Cremation Stones in FormbyMany people are choosing alternatives to burials and we manufacture cremation stones in Formby as well as traditional headstones. A cremation memorial is a dignified way to mark the passing of a loved one. The cremation stone is typically smaller than a traditional headstone but the same type of stone is used. The creation stone will usually have a recess in it for the ashes. All the memorials are beautifully crafted with care and attention to detail. We will help you with the inscription the right words are difficult to find. There is choice in the colour of the letters which often depends on the type and colour of the chosen stone.

You will want to mark the resting place of a beloved relative. In Formby, cremation stones are becoming very popular. We have a selection of different stones in our showroom which may help you to select a suitable type of stone. We have marble and granite of many varied colours and also offer Yorkshire stone and slate. All our stone is sourced from top quality suppliers and is some of the most durable and beautiful stone available. We offer a full design service that can cater for any specific requirement you may have. We can carve special designs or emblems into the stone or any motif that has special meaning to you.

If you are looking for cremation stones in Formby for a garden of remembrance, we can help you. Contact T. Lyon & Son today or visit our showroom to see the wide range of memorial stones we manufacture. We are a family run business that has close to 90 years experience in working with stone. We are proudly registered with the British Register of Accredited Masons. With our many years of experience we can help you choose the right stone and wording for your loved one’s memorial stone. We are competitively priced and can design and craft a beautiful headstone. If you have a headstone that is in a poor state, we can assist. We provide a repair and maintenance service where we renovate old headstones that have become illegible through weathering over time.