Gravestone Prices in Rainhill

Gravestone Prices in RainhillIf you are looking for affordable gravestone prices in Rainhill, contact T. Lyon & Son.  Usually the price increases with the size of the stone and the material. This is especially variable when it comes to the finishing. We stock a wide variety of materials such as marble, granite, Yorkshire stone and slate. We only stock the highest quality stone so that we can be sure that you get a durable and long lasting product. Many gravestones are still standing hundreds of years later. We can refurbish these old headstones back to their former glory so that they are in perfect condition for another 100 years or more. There is a large selection of stone colours to choose from especially in the granite.

When you have had a death in your family in Rainhill, gravestone prices will be a consideration. We offer a large range of headstones at varying prices and there are beautiful stones to cater for all tastes and requirements. Our staff will help you to choose a headstone that meets with the rules and requirements of the cemetery or grave yard that you want to erect the stone in as they all have special requirements and rules as to size and shape. We can also help you with the inscription on the stone and any designs or details you may wish to include.

Our gravestone prices in Rainhill are extremely competitive. Contact T.Lyon & Son today or visit our showroom to see for yourself the quality of our memorials.  The current owner has been in the business for over 30 years and is supported by two qualified masons who have 16 and 35 years of experience respectively working for our company. The company itself has been in operation since 1929 and is still occupying the same business premises. We will be celebrating 90 years as memorial masons in a few years time. We have endeavoured to keep to the old traditional spirit of the founder while using current technology where it enhances the old practices.