Monumental Mason in Crosby

monumental mason in CrosbyA monumental mason in Crosby is someone who works in stone to create a lasting memorial for a loved one. We work in a wide range of stone. We have marble, granite, Yorkshire stone and slate. There are a wide variety of colours in the granite and we only source the best quality materials. The stone can be cut to any design you choose and can then be polished. If you would prefer a more rustic and natural appearance the stone can be polished on the front only. This leaves a rough and unfinished edge around the front. The words can then be carved into a flat and finished face of the stone. There are not very many qualified stone masons around these days.

When one of your family members passes on, there is a deep need to remember them. This is first felt at the funeral. Many people come to us shortly after the funeral to commission a headstone for the grave. In Crosby, a monumental mason will be able to help you chose the right stone for the burial site. There are many different rules and regulations over size and each churchyard or cemetery has their own list. We know the specifications for all the burial sites in the area and will tell you what size stone you can use.

A monumental mason in Crosby is a professional and highly skilled career. We have been a family run business since 1929. We are now in the fourth generation of the founding family. When you need the services of a monumental mason, contact T. Lyon & Son. We offer our services throughout the North West of the UK. We have extensive experience in designing and creating the perfect gravestone. Our stone masons can hand carve or etch the words onto the stone. Once this is complete you need to choose a colour to paint the letters to make them stand out. One of our most popular colours is gold. Silver leaf is also very popular. White on a dark stone can be very attractive.