Gravestone Costs in Kirkby

Gravestones costs in KirkbyGravestones costs in Kirkby depend largely on the size and design you want, and whether you opt for a flat or upright stone. Many people still like granite headstones simply because they are stylish, durable and available in many colours. Nothing is set in stone however, and people choose other materials which are perhaps more affordable. You’ll find bronze markers, stainless steel, marble, sandstone, cement, wood and cast iron being used. If you’re undecided and unfamiliar with what’s best for your loved one, we can show and advise you on a selection of materials and designs. All our gravestones are personalised with colouring, lettering and imaging that precisely fits with your unique ideas.

As a family run business with two very qualified masons, our decades of experience in this industry ensure that we can assist our clients. In Kirkby, gravestone costs, whether modern or traditional are kept as cost-effective as possible. We source top quality materials and offer a full design service that caters for all our clients’ diverse requests. With us the exact cost of a gravestone will vary according to your requests. This is because the costs of the gravestones will differ according to the size, where the smaller grave markers are considerably less in price than the larger, upright gravestones. The way the stone is quarried can impact costs as well. We recommend that you visit our impressive showroom in Prescott. Here you can view our selection, and choose designs, or create your own.

Gravestone costs in Kirkby can be discussed at our showroom. With our many years of experience, we can offer expert advice. If you would like to find out more about gravestone costs, don’t hesitate to contact T.Lyon & Son. We are committed to providing quality and longevity in all our memorial work. We also offer a renovation service. If your loved one’s headstone has fallen into disrepair, or has become weathered over time, we can assist in returning it to an excellent condition. We can clean and repair the headstone with our expert renovation service.