Marble Memorial in Whiston

Marble Memorial in WhistonChoosing a marble memorial in Whiston from T. Lyon & Son is an excellent choice. Each stone has a character all its own just as the one being memorialised. The hues found in marble tell us where the stone was quarried. At T. Lyon & Son we source marble from around the world. We want to help you create a memorial that expresses your feelings and memories. The beauty of marble is why it has so often been chosen by world famous sculptors and architects to create masterpieces. Marble glows because it’s translucent and looks beautiful with a high shine or without. We like working with marble because it’s an easy stone to work with and shape. Yet it is durable and will be there for future generations to acknowledge the link your loved one has to their own life.

T. Lyon & Son is backed by generations of craftsmen with skills passed down. In Whiston, marble memorials are designed in our shop to include any motif, inscription and font. We can create beautiful etchings or if you prefer a colour photograph we can incorporate that into a marble stone in your choice of size and shape. We work closely with you and we don’t rush your decisions. Memorial stones are usually not set at the gravesite for about a year so you have time to think about what you feel will be a fitting memorial. Keep in mind that some cemeteries have standard sizes so we will need to clear your memorial with them before it is set.

In our experience with marble memorial in Whiston, we at T.Lyon & Son have seen the struggle many experience trying to express so much on one stone. Contact us, or come by our shop and we can help you with that issue. You will see many samples of designs, fonts, scripts and personalised options from which to choose. Our examples will be helpful in narrowing down what truly matters to you in a memorial stone. You will be inspired with ideas and possibilities that you might not otherwise have thought of. We are here to answer your questions and offer suggestions. When the design is chosen trust our skill to create the marble memorial you have envisioned.