Cleaning Headstones in Waterloo

Cleaning Headstones in WaterlooCleaning headstones in Waterloo is one of our expert services. We remove the stone and take it back to our workshop as it is impossible to accomplish the delicate work needed on site. Sometimes there are cracks in the stone that develop with weathering.  We can repair these so that these flaws become invisible.  We find that many of the headstones that were erected years ago are not securely anchored and can be pushed over or, through subsidence, fall over. This need to be remedied before the stone breaks or hurts someone.  After carefully restoring the stone back to the original colour we re-carve or re-gild the lettering. Our erection experts will then reinstall the stone to the current health and safety standards.

When we have lived in an area for generations and our ancestors are all buried in the local churchyard in Waterloo, cleaning headstones should be undertaken for some of our ancestors gravestones. With care and renovation a headstone should last hundreds of years.  Generations should be able to pay their respects to great-great grandparents and take pride in knowing that future generations will also be able to locate family members in the churchyard.  These are the roots which allow people to know where they come from and very often take pride in the accomplishments of their relatives.

Cleaning headstones in Waterloo can be necessary after a number of years out in the weather.  Contact T. Lyon & Son today to receive a no obligation quote for renovating an old family member’s headstone. We have over 80 years of experience in manufacturing and renovating headstones. You might think the headstone is dirty and beyond repair but when we have finished the cleaning it will look as bright and new as the day it was first installed.  All stones weather and that gives them a certain charm but when it becomes difficult to read the inscriptions or the colour has badly faded then it is time to have them professionally cleaned.