Monumental Mason in Prescot

monumental mason in PrescotA monumental mason in Prescot is often sought after for beautiful headstones for loved ones who have passed away. These headstones are created in many shapes and sizes, while always being in keeping with cemetery regulations. They can be as plain or as ornate as you like. You can choose different accessories like symbols or photographs to give your headstone that personal touch. If you are looking for a professionally made headstone, you need to look no further than T. Lyon & Son. They have generations of experience behind them and know exactly what is required to ensure their competitively priced headstones give families the headstones they appreciate. They have a showroom where you can get excellent ideas of what materials you’d like and what style you want for the headstone you have in mind.

Slate, granite, marble or Yorkshire stone – what stone do you imagine will be best suited for your beloved deceased family member? In Prescot, monumental mason will ensure that the benefits of each are explained to you. Whatever type you select, there are other choices too such as being able to choose different colours for your headstone. These professionals will design a headstone according to your customer’s requirements complete with the inscription of choice. They offer many different styles of lettering and this lettering can be finished in different colours.

With a monumental mason in Prescot, it pays to deal with people who don’t just offer a range of affordable services, but who also work with customers in a kind, caring way. They are sensitive to the needs of their customers and will design a headstone that brings honour to the departed one. Contact T. Lyon & Son if you are looking for the services of a monumental mason. Not only do they design and create new headstones, they provide a maintenance service too. You can rely on the professional monumental mason to provide a headstone that is expertly designed and made and is fitting to your loved one’s memory.