Marble Memorial in Seaforth

Marble Memorial in SeaforthWhen a loved one passes, a marble memorial in Seaforth  can be a tangible symbol of their life. Being able to visit the location of their final resting place and touch their name beautifully inscribed into the marble is a comfort for many. You have to wait about a year to set the stone so there is time to create a memorial that is truly life-honouring. At T. Lyon & Son you can see a variety of designs and marble stones that will help you make the final design decision. We can accommodate most special requests. Choose the colour and style of font for the inscriptions. Add a photograph of the deceased or of something that brought joy to his or her life. It could be a car, plane, tools of trade, symbol of profession, expression of faith or anything that you the client choose.

The field of experienced stonemasons is declining as technology increases. In Seaforth, marble memorial experience at T. Lyon & Son exceeds fifty years combined between our two stonemasons. That does not include our experience before joining the company many years ago. Marble is an excellent choice for a memorial. You can choose polished or unpolished and there are a variety of hues and markings that are unique to each stone. The durability of marble combined with the beauty of the stone makes marble a popular choice as a memorial stone, especially one that is hand engraved.

Some families choose a marble memorial in Seaforth to mark the grave site of the whole family. If you have a family plot, small headstones may be used for each individual and then a beautiful marble memorial as the centerpiece. The names of the family members and their relationship to each other  could be etched on the marble headstone. Contact T. Lyon & Son for a hand crafted marble memorial designed to fit your needs and budget. We can help you locate available grave sites where such memorials are allowed and inform you of any specific requirements needed.