Cleaning Headstones in Prescot

Cleaning Headstones in PrescotCleaning headstones in Prescot is a service many people forego. Year after year, headstones are prone to the effects of the weather. They appear worn, faded, tired-looking and some may get damaged. Eventually, the engraving becomes barely visible. Choosing to get your loved one’s headstone cleaned is a preventative measure. It will delay the negative effects of weather and time.

If you reside in Prescot, cleaning headstones is part of the service repertoire offered by T. Lyon & Son. We can repair all tombstones that seem to be beyond repair. We take the business of headstone restoration very seriously. By not caring and maintaining the headstone, you will allow your loved one’s headstone to simply disappear. Take advantage of our one-of-a-kind renovation services. We can repair, clean and re-glide lettering of all headstones. The end result will be a headstone that looks as good as new. We understand the importance of maintaining headstones. Our decades of experience has taught us what the damage from fungus, mould and weathering can do to a beautiful headstone. We are well versed in how to clean and maintain each headstone material. Our headstone cleaning process starts with a thorough examination of the headstone. This is followed by implementing techniques to clean the actual headstone.

Take care of your loved one’s headstone by opting for cleaning headstones in Prescot. Contact T. Lyon & Son today and speak to one of our experienced staff about the headstone cleaning process. We are a long standing, family-run business who has been in operation since 1929. Our longevity can be attributed to the fact that we offer stellar services at affordable prices.