Pet Headstones in Childwall

Pet headstones in ChildwallPet headstones in Childwall are becoming more popular, although it was a fairly common practice many years ago with the aristocratic class. Favourite pets were buried and headstones were placed on the graves. There are about 75 pet cemeteries and crematoria in the UK. This shows how much our pets are part of our family. When they die it is like losing a family member and often when they are the only company for one it can be harder to say goodbye. Many years of company and love go into a relationship with one’s pet. Although you may bury your pet at home, this is not always a convenient thing to do. Firstly you have to own the premises and even if you do, there is no guarantee that you will be living there forever.

After the death of a pet in Childwall, pet headstones are a wonderful way to remember your pet. Pet cemeteries abound and are a far safer place to bury your pet. Here you can have a headstone and you know your pet will remain there. Burying your pet in your garden may seem to be cheaper and easier but if you move your pet stays behind and you cannot visit the grave. If you sell the house, future owners may dispose of the graves. In a cemetery you may put up a headstone and visit as often as you wish. The variety of headstones available is huge and you can have pictures of your pet on the stone. This is a wonderful way to show your love and remember the amazing times enjoyed together.

Pet headstones in Childwall can really help with the grieving process. They can be shaped into your pet’s favourite toy or simply state their name and how loved they were. Contact T.Lyon & Son today to help you choose the perfect stone for your pet’s headstone. They will help you with the wording and material for the headstone. With many years of experience behind them they will know what you need to fit a memorial stone to honour your pet.