Headstone Lettering in Mossley Hill

Headstone Lettering in Mossley HillChoosing headstone lettering in Mossley Hill may require some assistance. When deciding on what to write, the best rule to follow is to keep it simple. Short inscriptions have a deeper impact. Think about a proverb or saying that the person lived by. Secondly, avoid copying others’ work. Avoid trends and using words such as “in loving memory”. You want the headstone lettering to be special and unique as the person it depicts. Keep in mind that a headstone is more than just words. The letterforms, design shape of the stone and carving also matter. Choose one that you think your loved one would’ve liked. Follow your gut instinct. If you’re stuck, take a family vote. Fourthly, keep in mind that the material of the headstone will influence your inscription. The size of the letterform will influence the length of your message as well. For instance, limestone headstones require bold and large lettering and therefore short inscriptions. Slate headstones require small letters and can accommodate longer inscriptions. Decide what matters to you the most: the material of the headstone or the inscription and then take it from there.

In Mossley Hill, headstone lettering is an area that T. Lyon & Son specialises in. They understand the importance of choosing the right lettering, stone and inscription. All three lend a personal meaning to the headstone which will act as a lasting legacy of the soul that has parted. Customers can choose from different styles of lettering such as traditional hand cut and modern sandblast letters. All lettering can be finished in twenty three and a half carat gold leaf or memorial silver.

If you require help with choosing headstone lettering in Mossley Hill, then T. Lyon & Son is the company to ask. Why choose T. Lyon & Son Memorials? They are a family-run business that has been in operation since 1929. They are proud of the quality and services they provide and are committed to creating a memorial that will depict your wishes. For help with headstone lettering, contact T. Lyon & Son.