Memorials in Waterloo

memorials in WaterlooHas a loved one passed away recently and do you want to know more about memorials in Waterloo that would help keep their memory alive? Memorials help you to remember the person and also mark their grave or place of interment. There are thousands of options available but choosing the right one is essential, because memorials are permanent and lasting features and they need to reflect not just the personality of the departed, but also the sentiments of those who have commissioned them. In general, a six-month gap is to be preferred before installation. This helps the soil to settle and gives the family time to decide about the kind of memorial they want. Cemeteries may have their own requirements, permissions and paperwork to be completed before installing a memorial.

In Waterloo, memorials symbolise a lasting tribute to a loved one, and most people would like to have memorials made of good quality materials, in an aesthetic design and one that lasts into the future, because memorials are stories carved in stone and are part of family and community history. It’s important to do some research and information-gathering when you start thinking of installing a memorial. Many cemeteries have regulations about size, shape or colour of headstone, the style or material used. Some may allow upright stones, while others flat markers. They may also not allow you to mix materials like granite and bronze.

Firms like T Lyon & Son have the local knowledge, experience and expertise to assist you with your choice of memorials in Waterloo. Such firms have their own in-house designer who provides a range of styles to choose from, ranging from traditional to contemporary, and they work only in top-grade materials. Modern technology helps to etch different types of graphics, pictures, and fonts to give the desired effect. You can customise the memorial with a variety of features like drop-down vases to hold flowers. Most people have their own preferences when it comes to the message on the memorial, but you can ask for assistance or browse through their catalogue to get more ideas. For more information about memorials, contact T Lyon & Son.