Headstones in Knowsley

Headstones in Knowsley When you choose headstones in Knowsley you want to know that they reflect the memory of your loved one.  The passing of someone you love is a sad time and no one understands this better than T. Lyon & Son. This business was established in 1929 on its present site. For generations their compassionate staff has been assisting families to choose the perfect memorial for their loved one. With more than 80 years experience, you can rest assured that your needs will be taken care of.

In Knowsley, headstones can be designed to your specification. T. Lyon & Son employs two dedicated stonemasons with a wealth of experience. They provide memorials for cemeteries and churchyards all over the northwest. Their work is of an excellent standard and you will find the perfect memorial stone for your needs. T. Lyon & Son offer more than new memorials. They will also renovate existing memorials. With their expert attention an old memorial can be restored to its former glory. To begin they will assess the work that needs to be done and will provide a no obligation quote at no cost to yourself. The renovation may require cleaning or repairing. Re-gilding lettering is another service they offer, as well as inscriptions. When doing inscriptions for stones that already have writing, they will ensure that they match the style of the original work, maintaining the integrity of the headstone.

T. Lyon & Son will immortalise the memory of your loved one with headstones in Knowsley. Modern society has become a society of convenience. Nothing is built to last, and everything seems to be disposable. In contrast to this, T. Lyon & Son continues to manufacture memorials of indisputable quality and beauty. A headstone from them will stand the test of time. They have an extensive range of headstones of many different styles. You can choose from a number of stone materials such as marble or granite, and in a number of colours. To choose the ideal memorial visit their showroom. They will provide you with advice and a no obligation quote. For more information regarding headstones, contact T. Lyon & Son.