Gravestone Costs in Seaforth

Gravestone costs in SeaforthGravestone costs in Seaforth are reasonable if you choose carefully. We have a proud record as memorial and gravestone masons. Our company was started in 1929 and our family have run it ever since through the generations. With our many years of experience we are able to offer you a large variety of stones to suit your pocket. We will show you the various stones on offer. These range from granite in a wide variety of colours to marble. We will check with the churchyard or cemetery where the stone will be installed for their rules and regulations and then we will be better able to advise you. We have a standard range or headstones but we can make up any shape with any materials or combination of materials you choose.

In Seaforth, gravestone costs are kept as low as possible to enable you to choose a fitting gravestone for you loved one. We have a wide variety of scripts and font sizes and colours for you to choose from. We find that the most popular at the moment is either silver or 23 and a half carat gold leaf. If this is not to your taste there are many other choices. We will shape the stone and etch a picture should you wish. The picture can be a religious scene or a simple bunch of flowers or doves. Military insignia is also popular for veterans of the armed forces. We will ensure that no matter how long it takes you will be perfectly satisfied with your choice of stone, picture and script.

Gravestone costs in Seaforth need not be a financial burden to the family. After you choose your stone and inscription our talented masons will manufacture it to the highest specifications. We understand that this is a very personal tribute to your loved one. Every stone is unique and is treated as a one off, individual work of art. When completed we erect the stone at the grave site and will notify you when it has been completed so that you can organise an unveiling of the stone if you so wish. For more information about gravestone costs, contact T. Lyon and Son.