Gravestone Costs in Rainford

gravestone costs in RainfordWhen it is time, visit T. Lyon & Son to gather information on gravestone costs in Rainford. The decision about a gravestone does not have to be made when you plan the funeral. Most cemeteries want to wait a year after the burial before the stone is set. However, when you need guidance in selecting the right memorial for your loved one, you will appreciate the expertise and understanding of T. Lyon & Son. Theirs is a family owned business located on the original site of the business established by Thomas Lyon in 1929. Decades of skill, ideas and innovation are at your disposal.

In Rainford, gravestone costs are based on choices made by individual clients. Each gravestone is a custom design. One factor to consider is the inscription. You will choose from sand blasted or hand cut by the stonemason. The length and script of the inscription is a cost consideration as well as the inclusion of an artistic design. Silver or gold leaf colour will change the cost. The size of the memorial stone, granite or marble, stone or slate material, factory cut or custom carved are all choices you will make. Our consultants will work along with you to create a design that is within your budget and honours your loved one.

The cemetery may influence gravestone costs in Rainford. All cemeteries have their own guidelines regarding gravestones. Some will only accept a standard size flat stone to simplify maintenance. As part of our service, T. Lyon & Son will acquire the rules of the cemetery where the burial plot is and work within their guidelines to help you create a memorial. Visit our showroom to see the many styles of memorial headstones there are from which to choose. We use the finest quality of materials because that is a requirement for superior workmanship. Some of our clients are quite comfortable designing their own gravestone in advance. We respect their wishes and help them design a memorial they feel is representative of their life and beliefs. Their design is saved until it is time. If you would like to find out more about gravestone costs, contact T. Lyon & Son.