Headstone Lettering in Childwall

lettering in ChildwallDo you need to work on headstone lettering in Childwall? Something that is going to last for many, many years needs to be crafted by a skilled stonemason. There are many tools used that need to be mastered when working with stone. It is difficult, in a time of mourning to create an inspirational epitaph and one wants the most meaningful dedication possible inscribed in stone to remember a loved one. If repairs are needed, the existing work should be perfectly matched and any new additions should complement it. Only a company with many years of hands-on experience could achieve these high standards of workmanship.

In Childwall, headstone lettering is professionally crafted by T. Lyon & Son. They are a husband and wife run business, assuring you of personal and compassionate attention. Operating from the original premises that was founded in 1929, their skills are complimented by 2 certified stone masons that have a combined knowledge of over 50 years’ experience earned entirely at T. Lyon & Son. They offer an extensive range of quality, lasting materials in traditional and contemporary styles. A visit to their well-stocked showroom will subject one to the plethora of available styles and trends to help one decide on the perfect memorial script. Great care is undertaken when any existing works need to be restored or repaired. They take pride in refurbishing old gilding, lettering and designs to perfectly match the original. New designs or verses can also be seamlessly integrated to compliment any previous tribute.

It’s not easy to know when you might need headstone lettering in Childwall. You can have peace of mind knowing that T. Lyon & Son are an excellent choice as they are open 6 days a week and are ready to take care of you. Decisions and commitments are difficult to make during a time of mourning. They are ready to share their knowledge with you and to guide you with sound, caring advice. All it takes is a visit to their showroom or a phone call to allow them to compile a free, no obligations quote for you. For more information regarding headstone lettering, contact T.Lyon & Son.